Logistics service provider and supply chain management company

Our services involve the following processes:

Engaged in Professional Cargo Detailing Solutions

  • Preliminary assessment & Assignment Scheduling
  • Localized Doorstep Collection
  • Stuffing/Consolidation/Containerization
  • Outbound Customs Clearance (Custom House Brokerage)
  • Transfer/Movement Through Partnered Carriers

  • Warehousing/De-stuffing/Container release
  • Inbound Customs Clearance (Custom House Brokerage)
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Assignment Conclusion & Account settlement

What we Offer


Sea freight

Whether you require machinery from Europe or expect components “Made in the USA” or wish to buy compressors in Asia, we are happy to provide seamless …

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Oftentimes cargo must reach the consignee or construction site in the fastest possible time-frame. When time is short and delivery urgent, you can count on us 24 hours…

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Project logistics

Regardless of whether your power station must be shipped from Finland or spare parts returned for repair, our competence along with our international partner…

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Road Transportation

Our team and global partners offer countless years of experience in this field, for small and large items as well as over-dimensional cargo and heavy equipment.

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Customs Clearance

To ensure timely delivery of your goods, we push ourselves to the limits – geographically speaking. Take advantage of our customs service for border-less…

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If you run out of storage space at your plant or facilities, we have the right space available for you upon request. Take advantage of our warehouse facilities or…

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